Capital Campaign

Our Capacity to Build

Since its incorporation in 1989, HCHFH has built more than 150 homes in partnership with low-income families living in substandard housing in Henderson County. We build at the current rate of construction 9-10 homes per year. HCHFH does not simply build houses, we build communities. Building communities provides the opportunity for partner families and their children to have a safe, stable environment where they can flourish to their full potential.

Habitat's Next Community 


Dodd Meadows will be our next community. The community is named in honor of Steve Dodd who served as the affiliate’s president from 2003 through 2008. HCHFH has purchased 20 acres of land at the intersection of Crest and Blue Ridge Roads. HCHFH plans to build this showcase community that will provide homes for 80 families with an estimated 300 children. Many of these children will be the first generation to grow up in a home owned by their family.
The development will consist of two, three and four bedroom homes and the community will be open to senior citizens and those with disabilities. These homes will meet the highest standards of energy efficiency and safety standards. Development of this new community will begin in 2013.
Dodd Meadows will consist of park areas, sidewalks, a clubhouse, walking trails, ponds and bright cottage architectural homes. The street names in this development will honor volunteers and past contributors to the affiliate.

Our Campaign Objectives

Henderson County Habitat for Humanity is presently engaged in a $1 Million Dollar Capital Campaign to provide funding for infrastructure and the first phase of Dodd Meadows.
In order to build the Dodd Meadows community and enable HCHFH to fulfill its mission…..We Need Your Help. We need your prayers, volunteer support and generous financial help. With God’s grace and blessings we will complete our mission of eliminating substandard housing and transforming lives.
Henderson County Habitat for Humanity needs community leaders and donors to step forward and respond to this landmark opportunity. HCHFH is dedicated to the ultimate objective of eradicating substandard housing in Henderson County. This campaign represents the next strategic step toward achieving this critical goal. Thank you for caring and sharing.

Together, we can make a difference!