There is no doubt in my mind that God led me to Habitat. After I turned my life over to God, good things happened to me. I gained custody of my grandson, four-year-old Isaiah, who had been living in a foster home, and we moved into a two-bedroom trailer. However, I could not get my daughter, eight-year-old Abby, back with me until I could provide a home where each child had a separate bedroom. God worked through Habitat for me to get my family back so I could care for my children.

I really didn't think I was going to qualify for a Habitat home, and I was so very grateful when I was told that I had been accepted. I'm pleased to be a future homeowner with Habitat, and I've been helping to build a beautiful three-bedroom house in Dodd Meadows that will soon be our home. I have enjoyed putting in my sweat equity by working alongside Habitat volunteers and my soon-to-be neighbors, and I have worked on 15 homes.

I also enjoy bringing my kids to see our house. They've chosen colors for their rooms and look forward to meeting and playing with the other kids in their new neighborhood. They already know the names of some of these kids. Isaiah, Abby, and I look forward to the day next summer when we have a real estate closing. Then I will be a homeowner. The three of us will live in a decent home in a great neighborhood with other Habitat families. I thank God that I will be able to care for my family in peace and security.

-Troy, Habitat future homeowner, pictured with grandson, Isaiah.

Troy's story is really but one of many that disclose the need for affordable housing in Henderson County and the importance of the Habitat mission. His dream of homeownership and many others like his could not have become a reality without your support. Your support of $20 a month or of any amount you can afford helps a father like Troy build a decent place to call home and to raise his family.

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